Story of Calendar-2

Let us know about the names given to months

January: A god with two heads known as janus stays at the door step of heaven staring at the past with one head and the future with the other. Julius Cesare has changed the number of days to 31 from 29 days for this month

February: The roman festival fibruna is celebrated under the name of the god Luparcus to get purified. For some time it used to contain 23, 24 days. Later, it became 30 days and then because of Julius Cesare and Augustus Cesare it became 28 days.

March: Mars is the roman god for war. He comes with a spear in one hand and shield in the other on a horse. The name March came from this god

April: The spring goddess of romans is Amneo Aprit. Romans consider her as beautiful and the start of rebirth.

May: Maia is one of the seven daughters of Atlas who carries the earth on his shoulders. Atlas has converted all these seven into stars (our saptarshi mandal). It indicates that this month is dedicated to elderly (maiores).

June: The wife of Jupiter is Juno. She fought a battle with Junius to acquire place in the month of june and June has come from both their names. It is dedicated to juniors.

The names of months succeeding June are Pentilus, Sextalus, September, October, November and December respectively. I have already explained that the 5th and 6th months pentilus and Sextilus had been changed to July and August respectively by the kings Julius and Augustus under their names. The names of 7th to 10th months stayed as is and have become the witness for their wrong calculations.

September – Sept means saptami 7th month

October – Octa means ashtami 8th month

November – Nava means navami 9th month

December – Deci means dashami 10th month

This proves that earlier 11th month used to be January and 12th month is February.

Even after so many changes when their calendar is compared earth movements there is still a difference of 26 seconds. This difference will become a day in 3323 years. Extra day has to be accommodated in that year probably in the month of February.

Naturally, we do not send our children to a person who do not know calculations for learning maths. Look at our unfortunate situation, even after making so many mistakes in measuring time we are still following their time divisioning system. At least it is okay to satisfy ourselves by considering that the calendar used by rest of the world is for our convenience. But, speaking in a condescending way towards our Indian time measurement system or completely forgetting our system is highly deplorable. Providing this knowledge to our next generation and reinstilling our tradition is the responsibility of each and every one.


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